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For a fee of 65 dollars you can download the latest Treatment Plan database containing 576 “Treatment Plans that Worked.”  All plans will have their associated outcome data spanning a four-month period attached.  All of the Treatment Plans in the database are copyrighted works.  While you can certainly share individual plans with your professional advisors and others who are helping your child, you should not share your password for database access with others.  All databases exist in Microsoft Word format, so that Plans can be downloaded, edited electronically, and formatted for printing to better meet your needs.

Access by one person to the collection of 576 Treatment Plans That Worked for $65.00 

Special Offer: The Behavior Barometer is a patented behavior change device invented by the Executive Director of the Institute for Behavior Change that provides ongoing visual feedback concerning behavior. It has been used effectively by parents and teachers for children between the ages of 2 and 10 since 1996.  When one child is receiving IBHS or other interventions, the Behavior Barometer can be especially helpful in correcting the misbehavior of siblings.  Extremely simple to use, yet a powerful source of motivation for good behavior. Helps grandparents, spouses and others to “get involved” in setting limits on misbehavior.

Access by one person to the Behavior Barometer kit for $15.

The Kossor Scale for Treatment Outcome Measurement is available at Amazon for $15.  This little book explains how to document treatment outcome in a way that maximizes the probability of insurance funding, including Medicaid and private health insurance, especially for the delivery of mental health treatment and behavioral support to children in their homes, schools and communities. It has been used since 1996 to deliver 10, 20, 30 or more treatment hours weekly to children with Autism, ADHD and other disabling conditions in five counties in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Issachar Project is a textbook that explains in detail how EPSDT is “the greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed” and shows parents, advocates and attorneys how to unlock its treasures for the good of children with disabilities throughout America. Practitioners can implement the treatment concepts and strategies described here that have been tested successfully since 1981 for the benefit of the children they are treating anywhere in the world.  The children of Issachar were trusted advisors because “they understood the times, and knew what to do.” The Issachar Project was created by psychologist Steve Kossor to explain the fantastic opportunities that exist within the Medicaid system to fund behavioral treatment for children with Autism and other disorders using the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) funding mandate, regardless of family income.

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