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576 Treatment Plans available for download now!

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

It’s true!  You can have all 576 Treatment Plans That Worked — with the data that documents it — for $65.

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The Executive Director of the Institute for Behavior Change (IBC), licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist Steve Kossor, has been involved in the planning and delivery of what became known as Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) in Pennsylvania since 1981.  Mr. Kossor and the staff of The Institute for Behavior Change have been extremely successful in helping parents obtain and keep EPSDT funding for treatment programs involving 20, 30 and more hours of intensive, individualized treatment for children between the ages of 2 and 21 years with Autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and other conditions.  This funding is available in all 50 states to children with disabilities who are enrolled in Medicaid; it is a Civil Right, in fact.  Click here for information about BHRS funded through EPSDT

Order 576 Treatment Plans That Worked here

In 33 states, children with disabilities can enroll in Medicaid regardless of family income and are thereby entitled to EPSDT funding for the treatment of their disability.  This is “the greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed.”  The IBC Executive Director has produced several videos about EPSDT funding since 2007.  Click here to view Mr. Kossor’s comprehensive explanation of the Medicaid EPSDT benefit, how EPSDT funds Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, and how to Defend the Civil Rights of Children with Disabilities.

Mr. Kossor offers consultations regarding Medicaid funding and treatment outcome measurement to facilitate insurance funding for necessary treatment until the treatment is finished successfully.  Participants will learn how to get and keep the funding necessary for their child’s treatment services to be delivered in their home and the child’s school or community at no cost to parents whatsoever, through the EPSDT mandate of the Medicaid Act.  The cost for these consultations is $200 hourly.  Many people have found Mr. Kossor’s consultations to be more useful and informative than any other consultation they have ever had.

IBC offers IBHS, EPSDT, Medicaid and IEP training groups in limited size of up to four families at a time in the Southeastern PA region. On-line sessions via Zoom or other media sharing methods are available.  Please send e-mail inquiries about this to

US Congress honors IBC Founder

PA House of Representatives honors IBC Founder

PA Senate honors IBC Founder

CMS Director’s letter complimenting IBC Founder

Order Treatment Plans That Worked here

The Issachar Project was inaugurated in Phoenix, Arizona on February 21, 2009 when Steven Kossor addressed a group of about 70 people in a meeting sponsored by the Phoenix chapter of the Autism Society of America who had gathered to learn more about the opportunities that exist within the Medicaid system to fund behavioral treatment for children with Autism and other disorders using the EPSDT funding mandate.  This presentation was highly praised and explains the treatment model created by Mr. Kossor and how it could be applied in Arizona and other states.  Mr. Kossor is available to present this information, customized for any state in the USA.  Watch this video to learn more

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have completed an initial analysis of over 300 “Treatment Plans that Worked” between 2002 and 2007, finding strong support for a link between the implementation of these Plans and improvements in child behavior.  Without a Control Group, it is not possible to claim that these Plans caused the improvements in child behavior that were documented, but the data is remarkable nonetheless and clearly calls for further research on the effectiveness of the IBC model for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) that we have developed.

Order 576 Treatment Plans That Worked here

Latest Research:  Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA released the results of their analyses of 887 Treatment Plans implemented by staff of the institute for Behavior Change between 2007 and 2010.  They found that over 75% of the Plans were associated with positive changes in child behavior and noted that all plans studied were completed in one year or less.  Children with Autism spectrum disorders accounted for more than 500 of the treatment records studied; more than 200 had ADHD as the primary disabling condition.  Without a Control Group, it is not possible to claim that these Plans caused the improvements in child behavior that were documented, but the corroboration of previous findings, and the extremely large data base strongly indicates that BHRS is a promising treatment practice for children with ASD, ADHD and other serious behavioral challenges.  Our research has been presented at meetings of the Training Institutes in Nashville, TN and Washington, DC and at every annual meeting of AutismOne since 2007.

Order 576 Treatment Plans That Worked here

Click here to visit the Institute for Behavior Change (IBC) website for more information.